Designing Lighting Global - June 2024

Al Mamlaka

EuroShop - June 2024

Lighting design at Harrods elevates the retail experience

VMSD - May 2024

Lighting Design International Celebrates Renowned Designs for Harrods 175th Anniversary 

Archello - May 2024

Alison Jacques Gallery 

Premier Retail - April 2024

Harrods Lingerie Project Feature

Licht Magazine - April 2024

Harrods Lingerie Project Feature

VMSD - April 2024

Harrods Lingerie Project Feature

A1 Lighting - March 2024

A Dive into Marine Lighting

arc - March 2024

Al Mamlaka Social Dining 

Lighting Design & Specification - February 2024

US Lighting Trends - February 2024

Electrical Times - February 2024

Recolight - February 2024

A1 Lighting - February 2024

Designing Lighting Global - February 2024

Lighting Today - February 2024

Lighting Design International Calls for Greater Sustainability Across Lighting Design Projects

arc - July 2023
Trending Now - July 2023
Designing Lighting Global - July 2023

Key team promotion - Sandra Brookes


arc - September 2022

207-2011 Old Street, in the latest Arc Magazine

Licht - April 2022

Harrods Chocolate Hall is featured in the latest edition of german magazine. 


Boat International Magazine - March 2022

Our latest motor yacht is featured in Boat International's Magazine. A great article exploring the concept behind the stunning 55.5m yacht. 

Visit the Boat International website for more information on how to read the article. 

Right-click here for more information on Moon Sand. 

Arc Magazine - March 2022

We are delighted that Arc Magazine included a feature on the Athens Capital Center Hotel

Right-click here to read the article (page 100). 

Lighting Journal - January 2022

Sally Storey speaks to Lighting Journal about all things residential lighting and the keys to a successful project. 

Click here to read the full intereview starting on page 54.

ARC MAGAZINE - December/January 2021/2022

Sally Storey sits down with Arc to look back on her career and what led her to write her new book 'Inspired by Light'.

Right-click here to read the interview (page 35).

KBBFocus - December 2021

Sally Storey, Founding Director, was interviewed by KBB Focus on her latest book titled ' Inspired by Light' and key details in hope to empower designers with new skills.

Right-click here to read the interview. 

Premier Retail - October 2021

Harrods Chocolate Hall is featured in the retail focused magazine. Right-click on the image below for more information. 

Premier Hospitality - August 2021 

Harrods Chocolate Hall is featured in the magazine's latest edition. Find out more about our latest project in Harrods by right-clicking on the image below. 


Harrods Dining Hall is featured in the June edition of A1 Magazine. Creative Director, Graham Rollins, provided the team at A1 with some detailed information on the design concept, fittings and challenges. Right-click on the image below to read the full article.


Senior Lighting Designer, Sandra Brookes, discusses the specific trends that provide good restaurant lighting in the latest edition of FX Magazine. Right-click on the image below to read the full article. 

A1 MAGAZINE - February 2021

Lighting Designer, Christian Haimes, was featured in A1 Magazine's article on residential lighting. The article focuses on scene-setting and the importance of layering light. Right-click on the image below to have a read. 


Harrods Men's Shoes is featured in the latest edition of Arc Magazine. Right-click on the image below to find out more information on our latest retail project. 


The Treehouse Hotel London is featured in the Hospitality Interiors Magazine. An interesting interview with the founder of SH Hotels & Resorts with stunning images of the project. 


The German magazine, Licht, has featured The Edwardian Manchester Spa in their latest magazine. 


Treehouse Hotel London opened earlier this year and offers guests a unique design concept and roof-top bar overlooking London. Sleeper Magazine has featured an article on the hotel, right-click on the image below to have a read. 



The latest edition of the luxury magazine features our latest superyacht project, Archelon. Working closely with Oyster Yacht, we are so pleased with the result. 


The architectural lighting magazine has featured a piece on the Four Seasons Astir Palace. The article explores Lighting Design International's involvement in the renovation of the legendary hotel complex. Read the full article by right-clicking on the image below. The article starts on page 74. 

FX Magazine - APRIL 2020 

Our Associate, Graham Rollins, is featured in the latest edition of FX Magazine. Graham discusses the significance of the interplay between lighting design and light art. Read the full article by right-clicking on the image below. The article starts on page 74. 

RLI Website - FEBRUARY 2020

An excellent article on Umdasch and the recent renovations of the famous Harrods store, the piece features the stunning Dining Hall, which we had the pleasure of working on!


Four Seasons Astir Palace Athens is featured in the latest edition of the lighting magazine. Click on the image below to read the full article.


Our exterior project, Bell Court, was featured in the Licht magazine’s December edition. More information on the project can be found here.


Our winning installation, 'Ministry', is featured in Arc Magazine's latest edition. Click the image below to read the full article. 

SLEEPER MAGAZINE - November 2019

Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel in Athens is featured in the latest edition of Sleeper Magazine!


Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester relaunches as The Edwardian Manchester. Full article here.

A1 Lighting – October 2019

A1 Lighting has published an article on this year’s Lux Awards shortlisted projects. The article features the Kimpton Fitzroy London in the Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year.

Elle Decoration – October 2019

Harrods’ Food Hall was featured in the October edition of the stylist magazine. The article looks into the history of the hall and the challenges faced when transforming the historic interior.

European Spa Magazine – October/November 2019

Great article on the recently completed Spa at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester hotel.

Boat International – September 2019

The stunning superyacht, Lady S, is featured in the September edition of the magazine. Great article on a beautiful project.

Sleeper Magazine - October 2019 

Lovely article in this month’s Sleeper magazine on our project the Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester. Click on the image below to have a read, pages 115 -117.

The Telegraph -  June 2019 

Article on the opening of our latest project - Harrods Fine Dining. Click the image below to read the full article. 

Livingetc - May 2019 

Our most recently completed project, Allbright Mayfair, is featured on Livingetc's website. Click the image below to read the full article and see some stunning images of the new female members club. 

IALD Magazine - May 2019

The Kimpton Fitzroy was featured in the IALD May edition after winning the highest honour at the IALD Awards, Award of Radiance. 

Architectural Record - May 2019 

Great article on Swarovski Manufaktur which features Sally Storey. Click on the image to read the article. 


Licht Magazine - May 2019 

Article on one of our most recently completed hotel projects, Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester. 

Sleeper Magazine -  March/April 2019 

Stunning images of The Dixon in Sleeper's latest edition. 

Sleeper Magazine - January/February 2019

Great article on the stunning  L'Oscar hotel which features our Design Director Sally Storey.

Sleeper Magazine - December 2018

Great article on the Kimpton Fitzroy, click on the image to have a read. 

European Spa Magazine - October/November 2018 

The recently completed spa at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel George V was featured in the spa magazine. 

Lux Magazine -September/October 2018

The french Lux Magazine has featured an image of one of our private spas as well as an article on the newly completed spa at the Four Season's George V hotel. 


A1 Lighting Magazine - September 2018 

Great article and stunning images of London Livery Company in the latest edition of the magazine. 

IALD Magazine - May 2018

As a winner of this year's IALD Awards Oxford Street Estate has been featured in this month's edition. 

FX Magazine - April 2018 

Sally Storey analyses individual techniques on one of our classic schemes of a luxury Swiss hotel. 

LICHT - March 2018 

Oxford Street Estate has featured in their recent edition focusing on commercial facades. 

LICHT - February 2018

In their recent edition, Licht has featured Sunset Walk - Centre MK in the article exploring the use of lighting to enhance shopping experiences.

LICHT - October 2017

Our latest office project, 207-2011 Old Street, has been featured in the German magazine. 

Darc Magazine - September 2017 

We were so pleased to have been asked to feature in Darc Magazine's Folio section of their latest edition. Their regular feature highlights the importance of decorative lighting in the work of a design studio. 

European Spa Magazine-  June/July 2017

The latest edition of European Spa Magazine reveals one of our recently completed projects, Lanebourough Spa. A great article featuring fantastic images. 


Darc Magazine - March 2017

One of our latest projects, Sunset Walk - Milton Keynes, has been featured in this month's edition. The article has fantastic images and includes our Associate Graham Rollins who worked on the stunning project. 

LICHT Magazine - February 2017

So pleased The Deirdre Dyson Showroom was featured in this month's LICHT Magazine.Great article on using old tranditons with new trends. 

Darc Magazine - January/February 2017 

Delighted to see such great images of our project, Principal Hotel in Manchester, in the latest edition. 

European Spa Magazine - October 2016

The luxurious magazine interviewed Sally Storey on the passion that has sparked some of our most inspirational creations.  

Superyact Design - June 2016

An article featuring our designer Chris Lewis is in the latest edition of the prestigious magazine. 

Mayfair Times - May 2016

The high-end magazine displays images of one of our latest and most luxrious projects, the 77 Mayfair apartments.

illumini - April 2016

Our Principal Designer, Chris Lewis, shares what has kept him excited about the lighting industry for the past 35 years. 

A1 Lighting - April 2016

A1 Lighting has featured stunning images of our work with designer Timothy Hatton Architects on The Deirdre Dyson Showroom.


FX Design Curial - April 2016 

One of our designers has been featured in the latest edition of FX. Click the image below to read the full article on retail lighting. 

Illumni - March 2016

Our designer, Gavril Papdiotis, was interviewed on his experience at the Light + Building 2016. Click the link below to read the full interview on his favourite new products.  


The prestigious magazine has featured our completed work at The Deirdre Dyson showroom. Click on the image below to see more detail on the stunning project. 

Ocean of News - November 2015

We are delighted to see that Ocean of News have featured a recent project of ours and have even described it as the "best lit yacht ever". Click on the image below to read more.

Lux Magazine - October 2015

Have a look at the ten special lighting tricks that make the Lux Award-nominated Fera at Claridge's shine.

A1 Lighting - September 2015

A1 Lighting talk showroom lighting and the importance of good retail lighting design.

Darc Magazine - May/June 2015

Darc unveil the details behind the refurbished Food Court at intu Lakeside including technical details of the incredible feature pendant.

Lighting Magazine - Issue 1

As part of the new Mood board section of Lighting Magazine, two images were selected from Ham Yard Hotel to demonstrate excellent ways to light niches.














Lighting Today, Singapore

Take a look at this wonderful 8 page article from the latest issue of Lighting Today which shows Fera restaurant at Claridges.

Lux Magazine - February 2015

In this 5 page article on Ham Yard Hotel, Lux Magazine examines how designer Susan Lake went about designing the lighting scheme.


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