Harrods Champagne Bar

The Moët & Chandon Bar at Harrods is located on Harrods ground floor within the beauty department, and covers a footprint of 1345 square feet. It is a dramatic and contemporary space designed by Sybarite Architects, that evokes the emotion and instant gratification of popping a bottle of the finest champagne.

The sculpted central chandelier, composed of thousands of degradé golden metallic discs both sweeps and shimmers overhead, magnetically drawing one in as they reflect the light and theatre of the waiters or guests at the bar. The Nebuchadnezzar bottle of champagne at the bars centre is dramatically uplit by concealed miniature recessed uplights, that feature the bottle while also providing light and life to the feature ceiling.

Within the surface of the bar top, and below each champagne bucket location is a discreate, welcoming, warm colour temperature. A conceal halo of light celebrates each individual bottle, highlighting the organic-shaped bar whilst also contouring the reminiscent of the topography of the Epernay wine region. Each generous champagne holder is also pin-spotted from above by a bespoke narrow beam spotlight, adding drama to the display. 

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