Churchill Bar

Location:  London
Designer:  Bespoke by Brigitta Spinocchia

The bar lighting brief was to create a welcoming, inviting and cosy haven as a relaxing retreat both by day and night. The energy saving LED lighting scheme had to be warm white (comparable to halogen) and dimmable, to allow the space to transform from a comfortable day bar to an intimate late night cocktail venue. Lighting had to be discreet, well integrated and low glare to ensure that it did not detract from the luxurious interior design.

The warm white 2700K LED downlights available at time of design were not warm white enough for the late night scenes, so during design it was decided to allow for a glass colour correction filter to be added after a lighting trial to be conducted in the space once finishes and furniture were in place. 

The system is automatically time controlled with slow fades between scenes, allowing the space to seamlessly change ambience over the evening. At night downlighting is reduced and features such as integrated shelf lights, under banquette lighting, bar front / skirting lighting, and bottle shelf lighting take prominence to give character and a  moodier light level. Cove lighting warms as it dims from 2700K to 2000K for a warmer, more comforting base layer.

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