The May Fair Bar

LOCATION: Mayfair, London
DESIGNER: The Edwardian Group

Tasked with creating an elegant bar with a strong identity, the Edwardian Group commissioned Lighting Design International to assist in the refurbishment of their destination bar situated in the heart of Mayfair.  The May Fair Bar is a busy and vibrant bar which is frequented from early morning coffee to late evening night caps.  The lighting is key in creating a dynamic space that can respond to the changing needs of the space and its clientele which range from hotel guests to office workers.

Being brought into the project at a late stage, we worked closely with the design team to integrate as much lighting as possible into the architectural features, creating key focal points throughout the space while highlighting the intricate interior detailing.  This was complimented with decorative lighting elements which tie the various bar areas together, creating a flowing space which has defined zones for more intimate conversations and for mingling.  The bar’s signature blue is integrated into the fluted glass back bar which gently tapers off behind the bottle display, allowing the alluring spirits display to shine.  The combination of subtle integrated and dynamic lighting features creates a place to see and be seen in.

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by Sally Storey, Founding Director of Lighting Design International