Alperen Ekici


Born in Paris, the City of Light, Alperen has had a lifelong passion for creative disciplines. His educational journey began with a Bachelor of Architecture from Istanbul Bilgi University, which included an exchange semester in Brussels. During his studies, a course on light captivated him, sparking an interest in its profound impact on spatial perception and emotions. This led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Lighting Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. The two-year program allowed him to explore the interplay of daylight and artificial light across architecture, media technology, and engineering.

Alperen's career in lighting design began with internships at studios in Istanbul and Berlin, where he pointed his creative and technical skills, laying a solid foundation in the field. He is passionate about innovative concepts that enhance user experiences through painting with light. In December 2023, he moved to London to join Lighting Design International as an Assistant Lighting Designer. In this role, he creates digital/physical lighting models, prepares project documents, and brings a positive energy to his team.

Recognised as one of the industry's rising stars, Alperen was a Winning Mentee in the 2023 Silhouette Awards programme. He has further demonstrated his expertise by writing an academic report on creating lighting atmospheres and publishing his Master’s thesis titled "Light as a Medium to Rejuvenate Urban Spaces."

In his spare time, Alperen enjoys practicing yoga, exploring new destinations, and capturing the world around him with his keen eye for photography.

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