Hongjoo Park

After earning two degrees from Yonsei University in Mass Communication and Philosophy, Hong began her first career as a media manager at LG Telecommunications in Korea. However, a trip to Japan in her mid-twenties opened her eyes to the wonder of modern lighting design. The Tokyo nightscape was so bright and beautiful, she knew she wanted to be a part of that world. To become a lighting designer, she moved to Japan to study a masters degree in Environmental Design at the Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University. Her research explored connections between luminance, colour temperature and visitor impressions in the unique context of Christmas Markets.

As part of her study she moved to Cologne, Germany, and travelled extensively around Europe gathering data from over 20 markets and events. After graduating with distinction, she worked for six years at Miki Matsushita Lighting Design, one of Japan’s premier lighting design studios. She managed and executed a diverse range of lighting design projects during this time all across Asia, including temples, residences, hospitals, supermarkets, and international events. In 2023 she moved to the UK to join LDI, where she enjoys exploring the differences and commonalities between English and Japanese lighting design.

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