Luca Natali


Luca first started his academic career at the Artistic High School in his hometown Bergamo, Italy, where he obtained his Licence in Art and Graphic Design.

In 2012, Luca moved to Milan, where he gained a BA degree in Interior Design at the Polytechnic of Milan. The years studying here provided him with the necessary tools to approach the overall design processes and to build a conscious taste determined by both aesthetical and functional points of view.

Following Luca’s graduation, he moved to London where, as a junior designer,  joined a lighting design studio, specialising in bespoke lighting, with 40 years of experience in luxury residential and superyacht projects.

Luca joined Lighting Design International in 2023, where he is currently working on a wide variety of projects, from high-end residential to luxury retail and super yachts. He believes that lighting has an essential role in terms of technical solutions, visual effects, and decorative components. Working alongside LDI’s experienced team, he has broadened his knowledge and boosted his curiosity in the lighting field.

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Inspired by Light: A design guide to transforming the home

by Sally Storey, Founding Director of Lighting Design International