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Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf

Posted by Lighting Design International on 14 Jan 2015

I visited the Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf last weekend where eleven artists from nine countries are presenting an array of spectacular illuminations, lighting up the darkest winter month with radiant installations and artworks. This interactive festival includes sculptures, lasers, projections and digital art from a variety of artists.

Above is an image of Control No Control by Daniel Iregui. This interactive LED sculpture invites the audience to use their hands and body to animate its sound and graphics.

Le Biche by Cedric Le Borgne shows poetic wire sculptures which take on a new presence at dusk.

Lightbench and Heatbench by LBO Lichtbankobjekte are two benches, one illuminated and the other heated, which add a new dimension to the experience of taking weight off your feet.

Trois Robes by Tae Gon Kim - one of three eerie illuminated dresses that float in the dark hidden amongst the Canary Wharf landscape.

An additional exhibit is the school of fish light installation.

I enjoyed my visit to the festival of illuminations which is on until the 30th January 2015.