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Gaudi's Brilliance

Posted by Lighting Design International on 3 Jun 2011

Barcelona is an amazing city to visit, with beautiful beaches, cava bars, a number of world class galleries and ground breaking architecture.  What is there not to like!

Of course visiting the Gaudi masterpiece of La Sagrada Familia was high on the list of places to see, but the Gaudi Batllo House really took my breath away.  To see a Gaudi design on a domestic scale, the attention to form, colour and texture was truly an experience.


The light bouncing off the curved ceiling form brings the focus to the beautifully crafted central light feature, the design of which is as finely created as the space itself.

A textured glass has been used for the balustrade in the central atrium. When the light streams into the space the stair walls are decorated with delicate shadow patterns which reflect the organic forms of the architecture.

What are usually forgotten spaces, the corridors are beautifully sculptured with light filtering in through integrated slots highlighting the architectural forms.

Batllo House is a beautiful example of how light and architecture come together.