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The Master Builder

Posted by Chloe Kazamia on 3 Mar 2016

The ‘The master builder’ is currently on at the Old Vic starring Ralph Fiennes and originally written by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. This adaptation by David Hare features an impressive stage set enhanced by the lighting design of Hugh Vanstone.

The main element of the stage design is a tilted perforated structure that acts almost like a gobo projector. Light passes through creating dramatic patterns on the floor while the main colours of light are white, green (when the set is in the garden) and blue (before the play starts). The structure acts a ceiling during the first half of the play and then it tilts acting as a wall for the second half.

The background of the stage is a combination of sand floor and a ‘curtain’ made of big branches. There are hidden lanterns backstage grazing the floor texture and also lanterns shining through the ‘curtain’ of branches creating a dramatic backdrop throughout the whole play.

A hazer machine is used at the end of the play when the branches collapse in order to create the effect of dust in the air allowing the audience to experience a breath-taking story finale. 

For more information regarding the production visit: