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The Transformational Power of Lighting

Posted by Wei Lin on 15 Feb 2018

London is the cultural hub of Europe. The galleries, museums, architecture and towering skyscrapers are a celebration of human creativity. In winter the night rules supreme and we spend many of our waking hours under the moonlight. This is a special time of year where creative lighting alters human perception and transform the city into something magical.

This thought inspired me to attend the event ‘Architect @ work’. One of the speakers (Sarah Gaventa) discussed a new project titled ‘Illuminated River’. The project will illuminate all the key bridges over the Thames. Most of these bridges currently have limited lighting.  By bringing these bridges to life at night people will not only feel safer but will also enjoy their splendid beauty from a new perspective.

The second speaker (Helen Marriage) discussed the Lumiere festival. This event, so famed for its beauty has captured the hearts of Londoners and tourists alike. There was a deep chill in the air but that didn’t stop the crowds from enjoying displays that transformed iconic spaces into a visual playground for the mind. Previously unnoticed architecture and statues were exposed in new and exciting ways and for many, photographs were mandatory.

A similar event worth mentioning is the ‘Winter Lights’ in Canary Wharf. This event is a great example of how creative lighting can not only inspire the mind but directly influence it as well. Canary Wharf is famously ‘dead’ on the weekends. This event turns this trend on its head. The financial district is momentarily transformed into a cultural hub of family fun and delightful sights.

With these events growing in popularity every year, it is clear that it is a truly exciting time to be a lighting designer. The evolution of our city under the night sky is something we here at Lighting Design International are deeply passionate about.


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