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Pool Lighting

Posted by Lighting Design International on 30 Apr 2019

Lighting Design International joined Mesh Lighting for a lighting workshop where Filix Lighting held a swimming pool live demonstration about the applicability of their IP-rated fittings.
The key advantage of seeing pool lights tested within a swimming pool was being able to see just how much the pool water effects not only the amount of light but also its distribution. Pool lighting is an area that is difficult to test. A small mock-up can always be created but it will never show the exact way the light travels in a full-sized pool.
The change almost made you believe it was a different fitting once it had passed the surface of the water. This is only made more complex when you consider that the water quantity and internal finishes can dramatically influence the final light effect.
Throughout the demonstration, you were able to ask questions and to see exactly at which depth the fittings worked best. Glare control was a consistent and frequent question for each product. Being able to see where the fittings were placed first hand resulted in a better understanding of the products. The demonstration of the installation of a swimming pool luminaire provided a deeper understanding of the engineering challenges and potential tribulations. It is key that a well-engineered and designed fitting is specified to ensure the longevity of your pool lighting scheme. The ease of installation, the use of proper materials and the pre considered maintenance of the luminaires are all key factors to consider.  
Where possible this experience would drive us to try and persuade a client to mock-up and test lighting prior to a pool being built. Where this is not possible it is key to harness the experience of the team at Mesh and Filix lighting (and other respected swimming pool manufactures).