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Posted by Lighting Design International on 18 Mar 2015

Working in the design field with light as your medium can become an obsession and some of our designers continue their obsession outside of the usual constraints of the architectural field. Graham Rollins along with a collective of other designers with a passion for light set up GNI, a team committed to creating innovative and experimental installations and imagery with light.

This year as part of the International Year Of Light, GNI, along with a number of other high profile international design artists were invited by Light Collective to create a piece for ‘Lumieres: The Play Of Brilliants’ which is being held at the Elephant Paname Gallery in the heart of Paris.

Conceived to respond to the historic surroundings, GNI created a piece which explores and challenges the nature and conventions of the traditional chandelier. Using laser technologies and the principles of reflection and refraction to create a graphical 3-dimensional chandelier, it invites the viewer to explore it’s meaning through it’s changing perspectives.

If you would like to explore more of this intriguing exhibition there is a short preview below of what is in store. Otherwise if you find yourself in Paris between now and the 31st May it is worth a visit to explore this eclectic mix of works of light.

For the full story, take a look at Light Collective’s video of Lumières – The Play of Brilliants:-

Photos: Nicholas Bazin