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Season's Greetings 2019

Posted by Lighting Design International on 18 Dec 2019

Each year at the Darc Awards, lighting consultancies are invited to create a unique lighting installation with a chosen manufacturer to be exhibited on the night of the awards. This year LDI was partnered with Linea Light.

Our installation was based on the intrigue of not knowing the contents of a gift. At first glance, it may have appeared to be a simple response to the brief.  A basic gift with a ribbon on top.  A simple box with lighting effects hidden within the outer walls. The mystery created by the lighting effects hinted at what might be inside the gift and encouraged the guests to explore and discover.

Ministry offered those who entered an immersive and energetic experience. Inside was a typical club environment, loud music, smoke machine, rotating lasers, flashing strobes, glow sticks, coloured light and of course, a mirror ball!

The walls were carefully sound-proofed to avoid any disruptive music escaping and to heighten the experience as the guests entered the club. Typical club music played throughout the night ranged from disco, jungle and minimal house. We closed the night playing everyone’s favourite Christmas tunes.

Ministry was awarded the best installation of the night! We hope everyone who attended the event enjoyed our small club as much as we did.