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LDI team featured in inaugural ILP ‘How to be Brilliant’ talk

Posted by Lighting Design International on 9 May 2024

The Lighting Design International team have been sharing their expertise and knowledge, as part of an educational programme organised by the Institute of Lighting Professionals. The series of talks, entitled ‘How to be Brilliant’, featured LDI’s Designer Jade King and Creative Director Graham Rollins in the very first session.
Sponsored by BEGA, the ‘How to be Brilliant’ talks are designed to support those starting their careers within the lighting industry. This includes students and those changing careers or pivoting from related roles.  

Jade and Graham’s talk explored colour temperature selection. They drew on their real-life experiences and examples of using different colour temperatures, including which areas of projects determine the right colour temperature. Their project examples included Harrods food halls and other departments of the upmarket retailer. The retail sector is a strong showcase of where colour temperature needs to be considered, as the goods for sale and being displayed will determine which colour temperature should be used. 

The main case study used to bring the talk to life was the Alison Jacques Gallery in Mayfair. In this project, the LDI team used tunable white and static white in different areas. During the talk, Jade and Graham discussed the process of designing the lighting; it had to be flexible to suit the exhibitions while accommodating changes, and adapting to new pieces that join the gallery. 

The talk also discussed how a vital part of the process is testing with materials and products. This will show whether the temperature selection is right for the goods being displayed or whether it needs adjusting.

Testing is done through a combination of on-site assessments with the specified lighting, and also in-house at the LDI offices. 

View the finalised project, Alison Jacques Gallery here.