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"Out of the Smoke" at the Intercontinental, Davos

Posted by Lighting Design International on 5 Feb 2014

InterContinental Hotels Group added an extravagant and eye catching luxury five star hotel to their portfolio in December 2013, Intercontinental ‘Stilli Park’ Davos, Switzerland. The hotel, conceived by architect Matteo Thun, is a horizontal egg-like form, encased in a bronze-toned metal shell.  Within the 10th floor bar, the hotel features a luxurious cigar bar, where GNI projects have installed three ‘Laser Disks’ building on their trademark laser mesh concepts. The three interactive and intriguing laser sculptures appear to be no more than identically formed mirrored hoops, but they come to life during the evening, and as cigar smoke rises. The three mirror finished, slim pendant rings are suspended above tables in the smoking room, revealing their red laser lines of light after smokers are tempted to blow their smoke through the rings.

Laser intensity pulses and ripples as the smoke density changes, with number of visitors or amount of smoker interaction.

GNI Projects were approached to design three feature pendants specially for the cigar bar. The request and inspiration was based on the GNI Projects, previous work ‘Laser Heart. The brief was essentially quite simple – the pendants had to be 800mm diameter, circular and amazing to look at!  The challenge was to produce the concept within a week. For GNI this was an opportunity not to be missed, and a challenge to be embraced. After the initial concept was signed off, GNI contacted Dave Hollingsbee of Mike Stoane Lighting, for manufacturing help to realise the piece culminating in the installation and commissioning of the disks by GNI in October 2013.

Each of the three loops consists of 12 red dot lasers and 24 miniature mirrors, all mounted via specially designed ball joints to adjust and lock each component individually. The frame is machined from solid black anodised aluminium. The underside of the loops is hand polished to a mirror finish, reflecting the environment, camouflaging the form and helping the disks to discreetly hide within the atmosphere of the bar.

GNI Projects would like to thank Mike Stoane Lighting, Blue Sky Hospitality and Feuring for their help on this project as well as Michael Koeditz for the great photographs.

GNI Projects consists of Lighting Design International Associate, Graham Rollins, along with Nils Rigbers and Ingo Kalecinski.