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Introducing Our New Design Director and Creative Director

Posted by Lighting Design International on 5 Mar 2021

Lighting Design International Appoints Design Director and Creative Director.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Nishi Shah as the Design Director and Graham Rollins as the Creative Director of Lighting Design International.

Sally Storey will become Founding Director of Lighting Design International.

I am thrilled to share the news of the promotion of Graham Rollins to Creative Director and Nishi Shah to Design Director. We are entering a new phase of Lighting Design International and we are all excited for the future.

- Sally Storey


Over nearly 25 years at LDI, Nishi has designed numerous award-winning schemes in the UK and abroad. As an Associate, she has nurtured the talents of many of our designers over the years and has enjoyed working on a variety of prestigious projects ranging from Resort Hotels and Office Developments to Spas and Private Residences. Nishi’s experience working on some of our largest projects has been crucial in achieving excellence, helping to secure LDI’s leading status in the industry. Her extensive portfolio includes One Hyde Park, Heckfield Place Hampshire, Ham Yard Hotel and various private estates.

“I can’t quite believe where the time has gone but I’m looking forward to seeing where my new role takes me! I’m of course really grateful to Sally and Chris in particular but also to all the others past and present at LDI who have inspired me and made me better at my job along the way…..”

- Nishi Shah

A selection of Nishi's Projects: 

After joining Lighting Design International 16 years ago Graham’s creative approach and passion for detail led to him heading a team since 2011. Graham has won numerous prestigious awards domestically and internationally, and is an active member of the lighting community, giving lectures, writing for magazines, attending events and producing light art installations additional to his role within LDI. Graham’s drive for unique yet respectful solutions to architectural lighting challenges has led to him detailing diverse bespoke details, and original fittings in collaboration with his team at LDI and our clients. Graham’s design influence can be seen across a wide range of projects including Harrods Dining Hall, Harrods Technology, Sunset Walk – Centre MK and numerous private superyachts.

“At LDI I have been very fortunate to work with leading architects and interior designers across a fantastic range of projects, with my colleagues and each design team providing new inspiration and challenges daily. I am looking forward to seeing how these opportunities grow in my new role, allowing further creative thinking and design progression.”

- Graham Rollins

A selection of Graham's Projects: 

Image Credits: 
1. Heckfield Place
2. Private House - Fabrice Rambert 
Private House - Tom Sullam
4. Ham Yard Hotel, London - Simon Brown 
5. Harrods Fine Dining - Kensingto Leverne
6. Sunset Walk - Centre MK - Andrew Beasley 
7. Harrods Technology - Andrew Beasley
8. Private Superyacht - Michael Leach Design