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Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester Spa

Posted by Lighting Design International on 2 Sep 2019

Location: Manchester

Client: Edwardian Hotels

Interior Designer: Edwardian Hotels  

Following on from the success of the refurbishment of the main hotel Atrium and Entrance areas alongside the re-branded main restaurant ‘Peter Street Kitchen’, came the second stage of development for the Radisson Blu Edwardian, the Gym and Spa areas.

The original plan of a light refreshing touch quickly developed into an involved design as the original layout was stripped right back to the bare bones of the historic building. The layout was adapted to give a better use of space and flow through these areas for visitors.

Upon entry from the Atrium Lobby, the view extends down to the end of the corridor. The use of a combination of downlighters and wall-mounted up/downlighters create pools of light and rhythm helping to draw and guide the visitor. The Buddha sculpture is highlighted by a focal point at the end of the corridor. The clever use of mirror behind the structure tricks the eye and forms an illusion of continuation.

The most noticeable transformation of these spaces is the result of removing the old ceiling and increasing the height, taking this back to the solid concrete slab and exposing the services. The new textures suited the modern style of the gym.

To avoid the space falling flat, surface mounted tracks were placed in the central areas within the gym. The combination of linear lengths of opal ‘lines of light’ increases the general lighting levels whilst directional spotlights adds the effective punches of light. 

The focus of the design within the pool area, was concentrated on concealing the lighting to help create a gentle ambience. 

On approach from reception, a concealed wash up-lights the wall behind the new seating area. This compliments the wash across the newly exposed ceiling and sets the mood. 

To the end wall, a lensed linear washes down helping to play up the texture from the decorative mosaics. The glass bricks from the experience shower glow as if to draw you through this decorative arch. Up/down wall lights provide additional decorative interest. 

The lighting scheme was designed to complement the spa's new surroundings and provide the ultimate escape for the guest.