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Golf This Way

Posted by Arianna Ghezzi on 30 Sep 2021

At this year's [d]arc night event, Lighting Design International revealed the exciting installation created with LEDFlex. Six unique art installations were on show focused on the theme 'The Spectrum'. 

Installation Name: C-19th Hole

It all began over a pint of beer, crazy golf, and a delicious Indian feast. 

As with many brilliant ideas, our concept was based on having fun which led us to create a fantastic installation in collaboration with LEDFlex.

Of course, it was also influenced by the challenging past two years where Covid-19 deeply affected our lives. Therefore, our concept was to create an installation where people could have fun and forget these past hard years of solitude and uncertainty. 

Nothing beats overcoming obstacles like crazy golf!

We developed the “spectrum” theme by playing with colour-saturated lights and obstacles in matching shade: this adds an extra level of difficulty to the game; the players will need to identify the position of the disappearing elements on the way.

The “spectrum” is also proposed as the separation of the components of the lights on numerous golf balls hanging from the very top of the installation, creating different shades of colour with a dreamlike atmosphere.

You start by placing your ball and enjoy the challenge of finding the hole at the end of our magic rainbow!

Some images to show our journey: